Building San Diego since 1985
Building San Diego since 1985

This is how we build San Diego


Montgomery Construction Services, Inc. is certified with A, B, and C-12 licenses. Self-performed grading, structural concrete, site concrete and masonry work is all at the heart and soul of our company. When you need concrete work done, MCSI is the company to call. Our technical expertise and discipline in this field is second to none.


What separates MCSI from the competition? It's our time-proven procedural method of delivering award-winning service and interaction with our clients. Our reputation is what drives our company forward to continue providing the most professional services in the industry. 

About us

MCSI is a growth venture from the original company; Montgomery Excavating and Grading.  Beginning in 1985, Montgomery Excavating and Grading was a company primarily focused on the industrial sector.  In 1988, the company incorporated and became licensed. As a result of specialization in excavation, grading, and underground utilities, the local San Diego based company has increased its business role and capabilities.  Now MCSI maintains expertise and offers services in roadway, channel, subdivisions, park construction, grading, both structural and site concrete and masonry.  In addition to a C-12, paving and grading license we have also obtained both an A and B license, broadening or scope and branching into commercial and residential  building and remodeling.  MCSI continues to grow into a well-diversified company with an ever-increasing product portfolio. Currently, Montgomery Construction Services, Inc. is certified with A, B, and C-12 licenses. 

: Your Community Partner


is a residential service provider: We support community development through private and public partnerships. We envision a world where all citizens are given the opportunity to contribute meaningfully to their communities.


We offer an array of programs that target specific needs in various communities. From organizing block projects to providing affordable housing services, is there to lend a hand.

Our community partners include:

  • Homes for Humanity
  • Jobs for Peace
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Housing Authority

Interested in volunteering or donating?

Contact us at (619)578-2538, or send us an e-mail:

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